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Flat fee of


every time you buy a mutual fund scheme
or start a SIP —

Irrespective of amount invested.

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One-time investments
or additional purchases

You pay Rs 199 per fund each time you purchase a direct mutual fund — irrespective of amount invested.

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SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)

We charge you only once — when you set up a SIP.
And we recover our fee only once your first SIP investment is successful. (Conditions Apply)

Pricing & Payments FAQ

How can I pay for my one time and additional purchases?

You can pay using Netbanking or click on Auto-Pay to purchase your mutual funds using the bank mandate you have registered with us.

Do you charge me when I buy more of the same scheme using Netbanking or Auto-Pay?

Yes. Each time you click on Netbanking or Auto-Pay, it counts as transaction for the bank and the mutual fund, so we charge Rs199 per scheme.

Do you charge me when I increase my SIP investment? Or reduce it? Or cancel it?

There are no charges for SIP modifications. You can increase each SIP amount, reduce it to zero, change the date, or modify the whole SIP plan – all at no charge.

Do you charge me when I sell or switch my investments?

We don’t charge you for switching funds or selling your investments. We charged you once to get in, so we won’t charge you to get out. Fair’s fair.

Are there any charges to see your recommended fund list?

Once you set up an account, you can click on BUY or SIP to see our recommended funds and sort by Morningstar ratings. There is no fee for this.

How long can I set up an SIP for?

You can set up a SIP for a maximum of 36 months at a time. At the end of this period, we will inform you that your SIP is expiring, and will request you to create a new SIP for the same fund. This means you pay ₹ 199 only once each time you start a SIP (max 36 months).

What happens to my money after I invest?

When you invest through Clearfunds, your money moves directly from your bank account to the Mutual Fund Company’s account. And when you sell, the funds are transferred by the Mutual Fund Company directly to your bank account. We track this process for you.
At no time does your money pass through our bank account. The only amount that comes into our bank account is our fee.

How much can I invest at a time using Netbanking?

The maximum amount you can invest per Netbanking transaction is Rs 9.99 crores (all mutual funds in your investment cart taken together). You will need to contact your bank to raise the Netbanking limit (generally set at Rs 5-10 lakhs per customer by the bank). When increased, the limit will be applicable to all your Netbanking transactions.

How much can I invest at a time in SIP or using Auto-Pay?

The maximum amount you can invest using Auto-Pay and SIP is Rs 1 crore per mutual fund scheme (though the limit set in the mandate form you gave us may be set lower). You can raise your Auto-Pay and SIP limit by sending us a new mandate form by clicking Edit Bank within Clearfunds. Your new mandate limit will be applicable only to your transactions at Clearfunds.

Do you earn any commissions on the Mutual Funds you sell?

We receive nothing back - no commissions or incentives - from the Mutual Fund Companies as we only sell Direct Plans. The commission you save comes back to you in the form of higher NAV on your mutual funds. The only fees we ever receive are from you – our customer.

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